Applicant Engine and Career Site Offering Drive Quality Job Applicants to Open Roles

Hireology is excited to announce its latest product update, a Sourcing Suite to help dealerships optimize applicant sourcing spend and drive quality applicants to open roles. The Sourcing Suite includes Hireology’s Applicant Engine and Career Site offerings, both of which are immediately available to Hireology’s 1,600 retail automotive customers and any organization looking to implement the Hireology platform.
These developments, as well as an overview of Hireology’s full hiring and talent management product offering and its continued success in the retail automotive industry, will be shared at the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Convention & Expo (Booth No. 849N), March 22-25 in Las Vegas.
A solid applicant sourcing strategy is essential to the success of any dealership. With the threat of disruptive business models – such Amazon online car sales, Carvana vending machines, self-driving cars, and subscription models – and diminishing profit margins, people are a dealership’s main source of competitive advantage.
“Dealerships need to meet consumer expectations for a quick, enjoyable experience to remain profitable in today’s competitive market – and employees are critical to supporting a differentiated customer experience,” said Adam Robinson, Co-Founder and CEO of Hireology. “Most consumers have likely already made a buying decision before walking into a dealership, meaning your employees are the only thing standing between your customers and a final sale.”

Build a Network of Quality Candidates and Optimize Your Applicant Sourcing Budget

Applicant Engine manages recruitment advertising spend to deliver quality candidates and drive cost savings. Using Applicant Engine, Hireology customers can reach the best candidates across hundreds of sources automatically, including national job boards, industry-specific job boards, organic search engine feeds, local classified ads, social media and other niche sources. To date, Applicant Engine has driven two times more quality candidates and a 30% cost savings compared to traditional sources.
With Applicant Engine, sourcing budget is spent on applicant sources known to convert at the highest rate first, while sources that provide a low return on investment are automatically eliminated to optimize performance. Quality applicants are sent directly to Hireology, with full attribution and source reporting to drive transparency and future spending decisions.
“Dealers have long focused on and mastered the consumer lead strategy, spending a significant amount of budget on consumer advertising and measuring return on investment by channel,” said Robinson. “A similar approach must be taken to attract quality job applicant leads, and Hireology makes this possible with Applicant Engine.”

Drive Stronger Applicants with a Compelling Career Site

Hiring the right team to drive a better customer experience has never been more challenging or important. While 67% of Americans would be open to a new job opportunity, only 1.25% of job seekers would consider working at a dealership, meaning dealers need to do everything in their power to attract and hire quality candidates. Top career sites include an overview of workplace culture, career progression, and overall benefits to help top candidates see the opportunity your team offers, resulting in 10 times more hires than organic job boards.
Hireology is releasing three new career site solutions:

“A compelling career site offers dealerships the opportunity to sell applicants on open roles and what it’s like to work at the dealership,” said Robinson. “Rather than simply posting job openings, top career sites showcase the dealership employment brand and answer the ‘What’s in it for me?’ question for prospective job applicants, getting them excited about the possibility of joining the team.”
For more information on our Sourcing Suite, visit to schedule an appointment with a team member at the show or see a demo today