Note: This post originally appeared on, where Hireology co-founder and CEO Adam Robinson is a regular contributor.

We manage an engineering team of 30 people, and 100 percent of them work remotely.

While a completely remote engineering team is atypical for a SaaS business, it’s a strategy that has worked brilliantly for us. I sat down with Joel Schlundt, Hireology’s Vice President of Engineering, to ask him to share his secrets of building an engaged and productive remote engineering team.

Recruiting Remote Team Members

Joel explained that all remote employees must be held to the same standards as the rest of the team. “These team members need to exhibit your company core values and be cultural fits above all else,” he told me.

Communication with Remote Teams

Says Schlundt, “So many of the challenges that come with a remote team revolve around communication. You will need to continually invest in this area.”

Technology Required for Remote Teams

Nailing Remote Workforce Culture