It’s no surprise that we’re huge fans of getting everything related to hiring into a unified process – it’s our bread and butter, and something that saves our customers hundreds of hours a month. But after announcing our new integrated payroll solution, we’re seeing the incredible benefits to running both hiring and payroll as a single, seamless HR stack.

Your HR stack is a combination of each step in your recruitment, hiring and human capital management processes. By examining each of these processes separately to see how they interact, we can realize efficiencies, save time, and reduce errors by treating each component as a unified approach across hiring efforts, new employee onboarding, payroll, and HR administration.
The key is understanding each step in the process, and how they work together to operationalize your human resources department. HRExaminer recently surveyed nearly 800 HR professionals on the technologies used in U.S.-based human resource departments and created a comprehensive list of components in an HR Stack:

Hiring & New Hire Onboarding

Payroll and Human Capital Management

Team and Individual Performance

 Company-Specific Perks

 Organizational Planning

 A Unified HR Platform

Hireology can help you create a unified HRIS and HR stack. For the first time, you can link the best-in-class hiring, payroll and HR administration platforms in one seamless system. Whether you are a single location small business, or an enterprise-level corporation, Hireology can serve as your HR stack to help you find, onboard, gather insights and manage your best team.