2014 Tech Hiring Boom: What does that mean for employers?

By Adam Robinson,
December 30, 2013

As 2013 comes to a close, we can look ahead to a better economy (fingers crossed!) and the biggest increase in technology hiring since the app store was introduced. 

As a matter of fact, Dice Holdings which owns the tech job site, Dice, said 55% of businesses (a record high) announced they were hiring large numbers of technology workers. This is great news for the new crop of tech graduates, but it’s not so great for us employers.

2014 will bring a whole new struggle in the war for talent, and companies will be fighting til the end to get the best IT and software workers. Before you start clearing out your office to make room for these new hires, you need to prepare for a bit of a battle.

In a new article forecasting tech hiring, Fortune describes the rush employers feel to increase salaries of current tech workers and offering higher salaries in order to attract applicants. “A year ago, the tech job market didn’t look like this. For employers, it’s only going to get harder,” says Rona Borre, CEO of Chicago-based tech recruiters Instant Technology.

Wondering what you can do to prepare for the tech hiring boom? You’re probably thinking, “Please don’t say increase your salary offerings,” unfortunately, that’s exactly what we’re going to say.

If you want to win the war on tech talent, you need to increase the amount of money you are offering to potential tech employees.

There is good news however…

If you want to at the very least, compete in the war on talent, you can try these courses of action which are bound to get you at least a few job description views.

Work Remotely

Give your tech talent the choice to work remotely. It takes a little more effort from the employer side, but if you want to score a great programmer – this is the way to go.

Cool benefits

Free espresso, bring your dog to work, get your birthday off, monthly massages? You name it, Google does it. Which is why Google wins the war on talent, everytime. Take a hint from them and offer some cool perks.

The right hardware

Oh that new iMac in the Apple store window? Offer to buy it for your new developer. If anyone can resist getting some brand new hardware, they might be an alien.

If you are asking yourself, “how do I hire a developer in this war for talent?” Try reading our How to Hire a Developer ebook with tips and advice from real developers and their hiring managers.

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