12 Time-Saving Tools and Tips to Be a Better Hiring Manager

By Team Hireology,
April 12, 2013

Tick Goes the Clock

Hiring great employees can be a colossal task for any hiring manager.  Your energies are humanly defined (although you often surprise yourself) and time is limited.  Often, it’s the time aspect that can hinder your productivity.

Time management is a common issue for many individuals (I’m definitely guilty!), and can become a black hole for any work overwhelmed professional.

Don’t stress!  There are several reasonable and easy implementable tricks to shaving off a few minutes from your day.  Crossing tasks off of your to-do list to the point of completion is always an amazing feeling, comparable to climbing a mountain, saving a cat trapped in a tree, or beating Michael Phelps in a medal round sprint.

If you’re ready for a few tips for potential solutions to become the most proficient hiring you can be keep reading.

When you’re Hiring

Making your process for hiring as proficient as possible is probably the best way of shortening the amount of time and effort you spend.

Implementing tools to maximize the functionality of your company’s hiring process is the key to not only hiring better quality employees, but also making your life easier, and your job execution seem flawless.  Unless you’re really into retro fads upgrade from having job applicants resumes flood your inbox.

Tools to consider:

  • ATS: Also known as an ATS, an applicant tracking system is a software application that enables the electronic handling of recruitment needs. An ATS is very similar to customer relationship management systems, but are designed for recruitment tracking purposes.

  • Pre-employment surveys: Having a custom questionnaire that can start to assess the candidate applying to your job early in the hiring process can better qualify applicants and reduce the amount of people you actually interview.

  • Interview guides:  Having pre created interview guides for your particular job will help save time and ensure a consistent experience for all the potential hires you interview.  Scrambling minutes before your scheduled interview and searching online for ‘best interview questions for [insert job title here]’ isn’t the best way to work.

  • Job Board postings:  Posting your open job to a variety or niche online job boards will only help to add candidate flow towards you open position, promote your company.  Attracting quality talent will require more than just a job ad in the local newspaper.

  • Reference checking tool: Once you interviewed candidates, ensure their telling the truth about their work experience.  Using a tool like SkillSurvey to verify the applicants’ references will help keep you from making too rash a judgment call.

  • Retargeter: If you haven’t heard of this re-advertising solution, you are missing out. ReTargeter is a full-service display advertising solution specializing in retargeting and audience targeting. As a hiring manager you can utilize this tool to drop a cookie on a job-searcher’s computer when they view your career site. When they leave your site and are searching the web they will come across specially designed ads that entice the job searcher to apply for positions within the company.

    Learn more at www.retargeter.com

Efficiency Tips

Aside improving your hiring process to become more efficient, setting a few rules for mental discipline can help you get through a bulk of your work in a time effect fashion.


  • Breathe!: Take a moment to refocus your attention and energy to an upcoming task.  Take one thing at a time, it can help remaining positive and easy going as your trudge through the work day.

  • Set definable goals: Set tasks that are quantifiable.  Break up your day or large tasks into smaller segments, that way you can remain focused and feel accomplished as you mark tasks done.  Example:  Get 5 resumes reviewed, instead of get all resumes reviewed (unless there are only 5).

  • Bargain with yourself:  Telling yourself ‘I can’t get coffee until I respond to 10 emails’ is a good/fun way of forcing yourself to mentally get through a task, instead of getting up in the middle of an email and losing your train of thought.  Curb those impulses!

  • Rewards:  Rewards or the anticipation of a reward is mentally stimulating and joy producing.  Keep small snacks, whether its almonds or gummy bears, in a drawer and enjoy some after getting through a specific task(s) in your day.

  • Hit the silence/mute button: Filter the alerts you receive during the day to only get the important ones.  Keeping off all social media websites, setting your gchat to busy, or avoiding watching viral videos on YouTube is the only way to minimize distractions.

  • Understanding priority: Lastly, understanding which tasks are more critical and which ones are time sensitive is vital.  You shouldn’t have something that is easy but due at a later date before a more in depth task on your to-do list.

    Want more hiring tips and advice? Download our free guide to interview scorecards and learn how to effectively score interviews without wasting time. 

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