11 Reasons To Keep Hiring

By Team Hireology,
November 1, 2016


Not hiring right now?


Hireology helps businesses maintain a constant stream of great candidates to quickly fill positions with engaged employees -and that includes during the off-season or the time when your business is not hiring.


There may come a time during the year when you’ll want to stop actively hiring, whether it’s a slow season, all your open jobs are filled or you don’t have the budget. The natural thought might be to remove certain open positions, but it’s important to understand how critically essential it is for you to refrain from doing so-and keep your foot on the gas.


Top 11 Reasons


Our data suggests it’s a much wiser business decision to keep your jobs open, regardless of whether or not you’re currently hiring. Here are 11 reasons why you should always keep your Hireology account open:


1. Catch passive candidates

Passive candidates are applicants who aren’t actively looking for a new job, but are willing to look at a great opportunity when it comes their way. Keeping your job open will help capture passive candidates when they stumble across your company.


2. Increase your talent pool

It’s common sense. By keeping your job open, you are increasing your chances of getting candidates, even if you aren’t heavily promoting the opening. If your job is closed you are guaranteed not to collect any candidates. 75% of all hires that come through Hireology are considered to be ‘quality’ hires. It’s essential that you have a talent pool you can dip into in order to swiftly backfill an open position.


3. Maintain your employment brand

You want to showcase that you are a busy and growing organization. It’s important to think about what it looks like for potential applicants or even random website visitors if you don’t have a Careers page or an empty Careers page.


4. Receive hiring advice

Every week, our users receive customized hiring articles, advice, tips and educational materials to utilize during their process. Plus our hiring specialists are readily available to answer any questions users might have about their hiring system.


5. Avoid bad hires

Hiring without Hireology could cost you, even if it’s quicker. The problem with not using a hiring process is the risk of making a bad hire. Bad hires end up costing companies thousands of dollars and months of training.


6. Expect the unexpected

While things may be great for your staff now, that can change if anyone on the team transitions. People may leave for a new role, to move for a spouse or need to be let go if performance suffers in the future. By keeping your account open you are immediately prepared to hire someone when the need arises. The best part: All of your candidates are already neatly organized and pre-screened.


7. Shorten the entire process

Keeping your account open and ready to hire will shorten your entire process when it comes to hire again. You won’t have to go through the hassle of rebuilding your job profile, customizing your interview questions, sourcing candidates and pre-screening applicants.


8. Keep your data

Your account keeps track of your job profiles, customized interviews, previous orders, hired candidates, and pre-screening surveys, so you don’t have to. If you cancel your account, you will lose valuable data and the time you spent to customize it.


9. Save your candidates

Canceling your account will result in the loss of your candidates. In the event you need to hire, you will need to source candidates, which could take weeks.


10. Be the first to try new features

Everyday, our engineers are hard at work developing new features that enable users to efficiently hire and select the right person for the job. We release the newest features to our users first, giving them first dibs on new developments. 


11. Easy access to verification tools

Every time you cancel your Hireology account and reopen it again, you will have to fill out a prior authorization form to order background checks Although we try to make it as quick as possible, it can take a few days. Don’t risk waiting for a background check; keep your account open.


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