Staying up to date on the latest laws regarding hiring can be a nightmare. You think, “I’ll just Google it,” but then you quickly realize each article you read is contradicting the others. So what are you supposed to do? Just keep doing what you’re doing and hope your hiring process is compliant? Of course not.

To help you understand the current state of workplace compliance laws, we’ve partnered with global screening firm Credential Check to bring you an informational webinar. During the one-hour discussion, you’ll learn:HRCI_ApprovedForCreditSeal-1

  • The top 5 areas of non-compliance witnessed in 2013 
  • The associated risks of non-compliance 
  • Legislation to watch and trends to expect
  • What has changed from 2013

In other words, you’ll walk away from the webinar feeling confident in your understanding of workplace compliance laws, and what current legislation could mean for the future of your hiring process. 

According to our very own account manager Liz DeMar, ‘Workforce compliance laws are ever-changing, and it’s difficult for Hireology users, especially those with employees in multiple locations, to stay up to date on legislation. So by working with Credential Check, we hope that this webinar will bring clarity to those unsure of what they can and cannot do in terms of pre-employment screening.’

Take it from Liz – Workforce Screening Webinar: Top Areas of Employer Non-Compliance and the 2014 Landscape’ is a must for anyone involved in the hiring process. 

The webinar will be held Thursday, March 6th at 2 p.m. CST. Make sure you register now (by clicking below or here) to reserve your spot!

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