Did you know employee motivation and job satisfaction have become increasingly critical for success in today’s competitive employment market?

While it is important to focus on hiring the right employee who is motivated and passionate about your company, a candidate’s success is dependent on more than just their nature: The right environment; one that compliments your new employee, must be in place to achieve full motivation potential.

Hireology’s on-staff I/O Psychologist, Margot Nash, has written several research pieces on re-structuring and re-designing your job when attempting to improve overall performance. This 7-page whitepaper written by Nash, details the new research that organizations need to rely on when redesigning the roles in a company or business.

In this whitepaper, you will learn: 

  • A review of the literature and research on Job Structure
  • A comparative analysis of job re-design approaches
  • The Job Characteristics Model and the motivational approach to job re-design in detail
  • Practical implications for your organization

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