So you want to hire a good salesperson? Join the club. The “clueless hiring club” that is! Hiring salespeople is an art that needs to be mastered and learned over time. Which is why Hireology CEO, Adam Robinson wrote a whitepaper on it. 

This 10-page guide to hiring your best salesperson contains four detailed passages. From deciding what you need to making the right choice, to the process of selecting your biggest revenue generator, hiring is tough for all businesses. Robinson provides his experience and insight as well as a decade of research for this whitepaper and the end result is something you will use over-and-over again for your future hiring process. 

This whitepaper contains:

  • The 4-steps to determining what kind of salesperson you need
  • Interview processes that work
  • Selecting the right salesperson
  • Verifying candidates past behavior

Understanding past behavior and performance is key to hiring salespeople, says Robinson in the whitepaper. What else? Well you will have to download it to read it yourself!

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