Hiring requires you to wear many hats. First you have to be a writer and figure out what words are best for the job description. Then you have to be an all-star marketer by advertising and posting the job to the most effective job boards. Finally, you have to be a salesperson by selling the job to the candidate, and the candidate to others within your franchise. As if the demands of being a franchisee weren’t great enough, just add hiring to the mix for the ultimate recipe for exhaustion and frustration. 

Our marketing coordinator recently wrote an article for the January issue of Canadian Business Franchise magazine titled “Finding the ideal employee for your franchise.” The article breaks down hiring to its core by addressing each step in the candidate sourcing process. From developing an effective job description and posting it to the best job boards, to implementing employee referral programs, the article aims to help owners and managers hire the best employees for their franchise location(s). 

“One of the most common mistakes is posting a job description only through large aggregator websites as free, basic listings.”

To read “Finding the ideal employee for your franchise,” please click here and turn to page 62. 

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