We know it’s not easy trying to hire for your franchise location or small business. If finding the time wasn’t hard enough, finding a candidate who is actually qualified can be a nightmare. But we feel your pain – we’ve been there, and that’s the whole reason Hireology came into exsistence. 

On Wednesday, March 6th Hireology will be holding a webinar with Naked Pizza Owner/General Manager, Nate Adams. Nate will interview Hireology CEO Adam Robinson regarding the best practices and processes that franchisees and small business owners should follow when hiring. 

During the webinar, Nate and Adam will give tips and advice on how attendees can streamline their own process and understand how to select the right person for any position within their business. By the end of the webinar, attendees will have a firm grasp on how make their hiring processes less costly, both in terms of time and cost. 

Who should attend:

  • Franchisees looking to make better hiring decisions
  • Franchisors who are looking for a solution for their systems
  • Small business owners and franchise location owners who need a system for hiring 

Nate and Adam will be answering questions from attendees throughout the entire webinar. If you cannot attend, there will be an archived version available on Hireology’s website after the conclusion.


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