Do you have a great hiring story? What about hiring advice about what not to do? Hireology’s Better Hiring Today blog is opening up it’s doors and inviting hiring managers from all over the world to get their voice heard!

If you are a hiring manager or involved in the hiring process, we want to hear your story. Hireology’s blog sees almost 2,000 unique visitors a month and with so much great content, it’s time to give the readers a chance to speak their mind.

All interested guest bloggers are encouraged to submit their name to Hireology’s Guest Blogging Coordinator, Maggie Coffey, to be considered. Click here to read the guest blogging guidelines and FAQ.

Guest bloggers can write about:

  • Hiring stories
  • Tips on interviewing
  • Advice for verifying candidates
  • Looking for culture fit
  • Anything else that fits!

If you have a story or idea, please don’t hesitate to reach out and share it with the Hireology team so we can give you credit with your very own blog post.

Looking forward to creating great guest blogs.

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