Technology has made our lives so much easier. While some people will aruge that it has only cluttered our days, when it comes to hiring technologies, the opposite is most certainly the case. 

The Internet has completely transformed the way many companies go about hiring. From social recruiting to predicitive tools and assessments, it’s almost hard to believe how clunky and time-consuming hiring was pre-Internet. However, there are still countless companies adding to their paper resume and application piles daily. 

So to help streamline the hiring process and rid you of those hiring nightmares, Hireologist Corey Fein held a webinar yesterday which dove into the world of hiring technologies. Starting with the basics and moving further into the endless world of technology, the webinar aimed to arm hiring managers with the knowledge of these tools and how they can transform their hiring process in minutes. 

To view the recording of the webinar, please click below (or right here). 

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