We live in a society that is constantly connected. From messaging friends and family to uploading pictures of our “pretty” meals, people are never more than a few clicks away from their social networks. That being said, it’s time to forget any workplace rules that discourage social media use during the workday. After all, you do want to attract more job seekers to your position, right? 


If your franchise location doesn’t already have a Facebook page it’s time to make one. A Facebook company page serves many purposes – increased brand recognition, improved communication with potential and current customers, and, of course, recruiting. 

While your efforts are going to be more effective the larger your follower-base is, Facebook makes sharing12874774_s posts very easy. This means that if you post a status update saying, “Hireology is hiring an account executive. If you have a passion for technology and a drive for success, apply here (link),” it will reach each of your followers. Additionally, those people then have the option to share your post if they think someone within their network would be interested. Therefore, the potential reach is huge. 

We also recommend including a picture alongside your Facebook post – ideally a picture of your team or a few employees. This makes the post much more visually appealing, thus more likely to be read by those in your network.


LinkedIn is seen as a more “professional” social network, which makes it a great place to post updates about your open positions. As is the case with Facebook, the more people following your company (or that you are connected to), the greater the reach your post will have. 

What sets LinkedIn apart from other social media sites is the presence of “groups.” These are dedicated subsets of the site that allow people with similar interests to virtually come together and discuss matters related to that group. For example, there is a group called “Franchise Advice” where franchisees come together and discuss everything from lead generation to the best hiring practices. These types of groups are great places to post about your open positions because even if there aren’t job seekers within the group, chances are the people reading your post will know someone who is looking for a job.


Although you’re limited to 140 characters, Twitter’s search functionality more than makes up for that. By including hashtags like #hiring or #Chicagojobs, anyone who searches Twitter for either of those terms will find your post. However, it’s important to tweet your job out once every three or four days because it’s very easy for them to become buried under all of the more recent posts. 

So next time you’re hiring, don’t just rely on “traditional” recruiting tactics. Give social media a try!

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