Starting this week, you’ll notice a new look to finalized reference reports in Hireology making them easier to read and compare. This post summarizes the new additions you will start seeing soon.

Executive Summary with Predictive Analytics

Reports will now start with a new executive summary focusing on the response rate (defined as the number of people who responded to the candidate’s reference request vs. the number of references requested) and the overall average numeric rating for survey questions, broken down by manager references and all references.


SkillSurvey, our reference check partner, found that these two metrics are highly predictive of candidate success and turnover in the first year of the job. The higher the scores, the more likely the candidate is projected to be a great, long-term addition to your team.

Competency Cluster Summary

Each respondent will be asked questions on how the candidate has performed in key areas required by the job. This new section summarizes the overall rating, as well as the rating across each core competency groups. If at least two managers provide feedback, this will be broken into a separate ‘Managers Only’ graph.


Additional Changes To Reports

Besides the new summary sections, you can expect a few other enhancements that make reference reports easier to read:

  • The scoring component will move from “Very Low to Very High” to a numerical 1 to 7 scale, reflecting what references actually enter into the survey for better consistency.
  • Each reference will now be given a separate line item showing the average rating in the final report.  This is still anonymized but the hiring manager can now see an average score for each individual reference.
  • The verbatim comments will now be moved to the top of the report.

For additional information on these changes, SkillSurvey has created an in-depth writeup of the new features that you can read here.

If you have any questions on the report enhancements, feel free to contact your customer success manager today. 

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