Move over skills testing! Personality profiling is here to stay. Now the question is how do you implement personality assessments and testing into your hiring process to ensure you are selecting the right person for the job? 

Hireology partnered with the leading provider of personality assessments, IPAT, to bring interested attendees an educational webinar on utilizing testing during the hiring process. Hireology’s Product Development Director, Margot Nash, and IPAT’s Training and Consulting Associate, Jamie Young will host the 60-minute webinar next week.

Highlights of the presentation include:

  • The benefits of using personality in hiring
  • Where personality assessments add value
  • Why to use assessments in business
  • The characteristics of good assessments

The complimentary webinar will take place on Thursday, July 25 2013 at 3pom CST. Margot and Jamie will leave time at the conclusion for questions and comments.

If you are a hiring manger that is interested in personality testing and assessments, you cannot miss this webinar! Sign up for free today or go to

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