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A DrivingSales + Hireology Webinar


As we round out 2016, it’s a great time to reflect on your team’s performance over the past 12 months. Were you staffed strongly or finding yourself in a scramble for talented employees? Did turnover have a meaningful impact on your bottom line?

DrivingSales and Hireology partnered to see just how disruptive turnover was for retail automotive dealerships, and found incredible disconnect between dealership executives and their workforce:

  • Owners estimated their turnover at 22% compared to the 42% the 2016 NADA Workforce Study identified
  • For sales roles, the discrepancy was even higher: executives reported their teams have a 40% turnover rate but the reality was closer to 67%
  • With each employee who leaves costing an estimated $45,000, this discrepancy adds up: to $97,000 for a typical retail automotive rooftop


With the new year just days away, now is a great time to put a plan in place to start 2017 off strong.


Join our DrivingSales + Hireology webinar as we dive deep into tactics you can start today to reduce turnover and add that money back to your bottom line.


Here are a few key takeaways you’ll gain from attending the webinar:

  • Understanding the true reasons behind losing employees at your dealership 
  • Evaluating dealership comp plans to ensure your team is incentivized to work
  • Employment trends impacting applicants: the rise of the millennial worker
  • How to identify top talent during the interview process to ensure you’re bring the right people onboard


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Thursday, December 15th

1pm EST | Noon CST | 11am MST | 10am PST

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