We all make mistakes – it’s human nature. But when those hiring mistakes begin costing your company thousands of dollars, it’s time to think things over. Is there an aspect of your hiring process you know needs to be overhauled? What about that new hiring trend you read about on ERE.net? Think it’s worth trying out?

To help mangers recognize their hiring problems and adjust their processes, we put together “The Top Five Reasons Managers Make Bad Hiring Decisions.” Highlighting the most common causes for poor hires, the guide starts by discussing the importance of time management throughout the entire process. Moving to recruitment, it features effective alternatives to traditional on-boarding practices. Finally, the guide stresses the importance of hiring for culture-fit and the effect it can have on the success of the company.

What hiring mistakes have you learned from? Let us know in the comments below! And be sure to download “The Top Five Reasons Managers Make Bad Hiring Decisions.”

Happy Hiring!

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