Have you heard of Amy’s Baking Company Bakery?

Last month they appeared on an episode of Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares and had a less than stellar experience. After Ramsey declared them “too difficult to work with,” their Arizona bakery was dumped from the show.

This didn’t conclude the story though. The owners of the bakery, Samy and Amy, took to Facebook to defend themselves and their appearance on the show. Through a series of Facebook status updates and comments, the bakery owners overused the caps lock and said a lot of expletives. We will spare you the meltdown, but if you want to read it in all of it’s glory check out this article.

As a small business, Amy’s Baking Company does not have a large following and is still developing their online brand, so lashing out via social media was probably not the best idea.* When your company is still growing you need to remember that building a great team is in the future. The problem is that many candidates will not want to apply to a business that is known for it’s horrible lapse in social media judgment.

If you are recruiting via social media, lashing out at the public is an example of what NOT to do. Even if the public deserved it.

When applying for a job, one of the first places a candidate will go is social media to find out more about the company. If a candidate was looking for a job at Amy’s Baking Company and saw their Facebook page (before the comments were deleted) do you think that is a place they would want to work? Of course not! Which is why all small businesses need to be extremely careful with what they post to their social media accounts.

Always consider your social media presence before every status update and follow the cardinal rule of avoiding any political and religious opinions to avoid a firestorm. Have you ever made a mistake on social media and posted something you shouldn’t have? How did you recover?

*The owners released a statement saying their Facebook had been hacked and the updates have since been deleted.

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