Hiring is a time consuming process. You have to figure out what the role entails, write the job description, post the job description, pre-screen the candidates, interview them, interview them again and then make a hiring decision. 

We know – it can seem like nightmare. But we have some good news: The hiring process doesn’t have to be so long and tedious. 

How? By focusing your efforts on the pre-screening process. 

Rather than spending hours flipping through resume after resume, let a pre-screening software do it for you. Depending on the software you select, the functionality and price will vary – but there are options available for all budgets. 

When searching for a pre-screening software, it’s best to select something that is touch-free. In other words, you’ll want to find something that automatically contacts each candidate as soon as they apply. This way to don’t have to keep track of who has been contacted. Once the assessment is completed, the ideal software will send you a notification to review the results. 

Once you have a solid amount of candidates, then you can review each candidate’s score from the pre-screen assessment. From there, you’ll be able to determine which applicants should move forward in the process. Best of all, these scores will be based on verified scoring algorithms (assuming you select a reputable software).

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