It’s not easy being a small business owner. Just when it seems one hurdle has been overcome, three more are placed in your path. Of course you always figure out a way to work through these challenges, but sometimes the process just seems inefficient. Now before you think, “I am well aware of this, why are you reminding me,” we have some good news: Your team is about to get a whole lot stronger (and your life is going to get easier). 

How? By making an effort to hire veterans. 

Although their resume may not look conventional, the skills and abilities veteran job seekers bring to a company are unparalled. During their time spent in the military, they’ve developed the leadership skills needed to direct any team, the cooperation to work alongside others to achieve a common goal and the dedication to succeed in virtually any role. 

So what do you say? Next time you’re hiring, take a look at resumes from veterans. Not only will you be satisified with your hiring decision, you may even be elgible for employer tax credits!

Download Employing our Heroes: The Benefits of Hiring Veterans to see just how a veteran can help your small business excel. 

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