Friday at 5pm rolls around and you shoot out of the office, leaving your computer, and for the next 60 hours you don’t have another thought about filling that empty position.

Most hiring managers shy away from looking at candidates, contacting applicants, and posting jobs on the weekends because they assume candidates aren’t searching on Saturdays and Sundays. This might not be the case however, although weekend job searching traffic is not as high as Monday-Friday, there is still plenty of candidates looking on their downtime.

In order to take advantage of the weekend job searchers you should take one hour per weekend and post jobs, reply to applicants, send a #Nowhiring tweet, and sort through candidates. 

Here’s 3 reasons why you should hire over the weekend:

1. Candidates aren’t at work

Ever called a candidate to set up an interview and they were whispering into the phone? By contacting candidates over the weekend, you can trust that you will have their full attention and they aren’t dodging their boss’s wandering eyes.

2. Candidates are searching for jobs

Looking for a job over the weekend might seem like the last thing you would do, however if a candidate has a full-time job they are not spending time looking for jobs at work. When you post jobs on the weekend you have a better chance of catching the candidates spending their free time searching for open positions.

3. You have extra time

If you find yourself struggling to carve out time to look at resumes during the week, it’s time to start hiring on the weekends. With a clearer head and less-cluttered schedule, your hiring process will thank you.

Reconsidering your weekend plans? Let us know how hiring on the weekend works for you in the comments sections and download our latest ebook below!

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