It’s that time of year again. Discussions of political candidates and ballot issues can be heard everywhere in the office, from the water cooler to the weekly sales meeting. But what about when the debates turn heated and coworkers begin to resent eachother?

Hireology recently released an eBook designed for HR professionals and business owners everywhere who are dealing with the election season office drama. As experts in the issue, Hireology will tell you that it is OK to talk politics at work, as long as it doesn’t go to far.

This eBook includes the three approaches managers should take when political campaigning inside the office goes to far and  the best strategies to coping with election etiquette. The guide also features the 5 most commonly asked illegal election interview questions that you may be asking your job candidates daily during the political season. 

All included features of HR’s Guide to the Election Season:

  • Hireology’s Do’s and Don’ts of Politics in the Workplace
  • 3 Approaches to dealing with political discussions inside the office
  • Illegal Interview Questions – The Election Season Edition
  • A map of voter leave laws

Download your free copy of “Politics in the Workplace: HR’s Guide to the Election Season” for free today!

When it comes time to begin interviewing, make sure you look for these four elements in each candidate. 

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