Hireology released a new feature this week that people have been asking about for months, and we’re proud to share that with you here on the product blog.

When creating a new Job Profile in Hireology, users can now cut-and-paste their existing Job Description directly from a Word document.  Rejoice!

This one’s pretty straightforward, but was causing some extra work for customers.  Prior to this feature, you were forced to create a job description using our profiling tool – even if you already had one.  Now, users who have an existing job description can simply re-use what they have, preventing irksome double-work to get that content into Hireology.

Users who’d still like to use our tool to create the job description from scratch can continue to do so.  (We’re all about choices here!)


What should you include in the description to make it appeal to top sales talent? Find out below.


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