As part of our 4/15 release, we’ve delivered the ability to enter your interview notes directly into the interview guide for any step of the selection process.

Previously, all of our interview guides were created dynamically but served up as static PDF files.  This approach meant that you had to print our interview guide, then hand-write notes on the paper and scan/upload the document back into Hireology.  Did that work?  Yep. Was it harder than it needed to be?  Yep.

We addressed this inconvenience by turning all of our interview guides into print-friendly web forms.

Why is this significant? 

  • – You can still print out your interview guides, hand-write notes, and scan/upload to the candidate being interviewed (i.e., don’t worry if you liked the old way, it’s still there!)
  • – If you’d like to conduct your interview with your laptop or tablet, you can now type your interview notes directly into the guide, and the guide saves each entry the moment you complete it!
  • – For customers who are using Hireology to phone screen high volumes of applicants, this new feature means that you can run your phone screens directly from the web browser, without having to launch a PDF.

Currently, this direct-to-form entry feature is available on the Phone Screen Guide and the Elements Interview Guide.  We will be implementing this feature on all interview guides with out 5/1 release, which is out in just 5 days.

Keep those suggestions coming!

Before you even begin interviewing candidates, make sure you check out our guide on the eight most common interviewing mistakes. 


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