As new members of the National Association of Professional Employer Organization, (NAPEO) Hireology wanted to develop a reference guide for the PEO and ASO companies interested in recruiting. This 30-page E-book was created by CEO Adam Robinson and the Hireology marketing team through a series of interviews with PEOs, research with NAPEO, and our collection of 15-years in the recruiting industry. 

Also included in the interactive e-book is a link to NAPEO’s Annual Report which can be viewed by the reader in the same browser.

The educational guide is made up of 6-sections:

  • The evolution of the PEO industry
  • What’s required to enter the space
  • The tools to be successful
  • Pricing models that work
  • Rolling it out to customers
Beginning with a introductory letter from Adam, the educational e-book will teach PEO and ASO organizations how to successfully recruit and hire for their clients, how they should handle pricing, and tips and advice for rolling it out to customers.
Interested readers and PEOs can download the guide below.

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