The job description is the welcome mat of your company, says the first sentence of our latest ebook. If you are welcoming guests to your home, do you want a snazzy and cool welcome mat or do you want a dirty ratty welcome mat? If you picked the latter, you can save yourself time and move on to the next post. However if you are looking for a snazzy entry way to your company, keep reading, it’s time to build a welcoming job description!Toolbox

This ebook contains templates and information on building job descriptions for 4 different industries: Startups, enterprise companies, small businesses, and non profits. With tips and advice on how to construct the perfect job description, this ebook will help clueless hiring managers increase their talent pool.

What’s inside:

  • 4 Job description templates
  • Advice from the world’s HR leaders
  • “Show, don’t tell” approach to job descriptions
  • Snapshots of what a job description should look like

If you are struggling on building a great job description, grab this free resource now! To learn more about job descriptions, download Job Descriptions 101.

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