By 2025, 75% of the workforce will consist of millennials. So why are business owners and managers having a hard time hiring them? You know you want that top Gen Y talent but for some reason you can’t seem to attract them, interview them, or all together find them. Hireology created this e-book for those of you who just don’t understand millennials and what they are looking for in a job.

This 10-page guide introduces you to “Millennial Mike,” a steretypical Generation Y job-seeker who simply wants a job where he can make his own hours, wear whatever he wants, and grow with the company. That’s not asking too much right?

For those of you hiring managers who are still trying to figure out how exactly to start hiring these talented and overachieving workers, flip through this guide.

This e-book contains sections on:

  • Writing job descriptions for millennials
  • Recruiting millennials
  • Interviewing and Hiring Gen Y talent
Start attracting, interviewing, and engaging Millennials inside your company now. Download our guide, free of charge, and let us know what you think in the comments below. Happy hiring!

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