The plane may have landed, the business cards sorted, and the club wristbands cut off. But that still doesn’t erase the pictures on my iPhone or the vision of Chief Hireologist dancing in a limo! Overall our trip out west to Las Vegas for the International Franchise Association conference was a success.

We met some great people (you’re the best Mary Ann!) and networked with the biggest names in the franchise industry. The conference went so well that we actually signed up for 2014 already so New Orleans better get ready. Showing off our web-based hiring platform was obviously the best part of the trip but besides a few foggy memories (did you know you can consume alcohol at any time of the day in Vegas?) I wanted to break down my 5 favorite…

Here are my 5 Favorite Highlights

5. Having CEO of How Do You Roll? (our first franchise customer!) and SharkTank star, Yuen Yung send people to our conference booth on recommendations that they use our platform. We may be a little biased but we know our stuff works, however there is NOTHING better than having Yuen give us his stamp of approval.

4. Hearing John Rochte speak at the New Member Orientation. John has such a cool story and background plus he founded a company we work with, Hoodz. His speech was inspirational and exciting. It also gave us a new word to describe our new franchise industry friends: Franships.

3. Dancing with Frank from Fuzzy Tacos during the reception on the last night of the conference. You are a great dancer Frank and I really hope someone opens a Fuzzy Taco store up here in Chicago soon!

2. Meeting College Hunks Hauling Junk CEO, Nick Friedman. Not to brag or anything but we are pretty big on the junk removal scene, so when I spotted Nick in the exhibit hall I made fellow Hireologist, Margot Nash, chase him down so we could show him a quick demo. To make a long story short we are determined to put College Hunks on our long list of franchise customers.

1. Riding the bull at FranJam. Yes, I rode the mechanical bull at the FranJam party and yes there are pictures. Think you can find them? Good luck. I’m pretty sure I destroyed all of the evidence. This is the point where I should probably have made better choices as to not embarrass myself in front of my fellow franchise and supplier peers, but hey I was in Vegas!

While I am not in a hurry to get back to Vegas (3 nights is plenty thank you very much) I am super excited for next year! Anything else I might have missed on my list? Let me know below or tweet me @hireology.




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