After hearing several Hireology users ask us: “what are background checks and what should we be using them for?” We decided to spend the last couple of days focusing on educating our users on background check best practices, the most popular and where they can be ordered. Hireology CEO Adam Robinson wrote a blog post on The Case for Conducting Credit, Drug, and Background Checks and Product Development Director, Margot Baill wrote a post on What are Background Checks?  and today the trend continued with Fridays in the Lab focusing on “How to Order a Background Check from your Hireology Account.”

So what are you waiting for? Check out our latest video above to learn how to order background checks and pre-employment screenings directly from your Hireology application!

Hireology is excited to announce: Fridays in the Laba weekly video segment on hiring, our application, and more with videos posted each Friday. If you have something you would like to see featured, email Marketing Coordinator, Erin Borgerson at!

Background checks are just one part of the puzzle to hiring great salespeople. Find out what the other pieces are below:


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