We all know it’s 2014 and a lot of things have changed in the hiring process. No longer is hiring just as easy as posting on job boards, there are a lot more outlets that job seekers look at for jobs. One of the biggest changes in the recruiting process is social media. Social media isn’t just used to post pictures and keep all your friends updated on your life anymore. You can actually find a job by using social media. Crazy right? If you haven’t already it is time to jump on board and start using social media to recruit!


With 1.23 billion people using Facebook it is kind of a no-brainer for recruiters to hunt down job seekers on the site. When using Facebook to recruit employee it is essential to make the company page attractive and interesting. A job seeker goes on a company page to gain insight on what it’s like to work there.18851209_s A company Facebook page that has a lot of pictures of their employees, company functions, and webinars draws the job seeker in to believing that your company is a fun and enjoyable place to work. Post a job opening on the company page, but don’t write a traditional job description along with a list of qualifications. Instead give a link to the company website where they can find more information and apply. 


Although Twitter doesn’t give as much visual insight on your company like Facebook, it is still just as useful of a tool to recruit job seekers. Asking users to re-tweet a job post allows you to reach a large number of job seekers. When a job seeker applies to a job through Twitter it means they are already somewhat interested in your company. They either saw the post because they are following the company’s Twitter page, which is a good sign, or they searched for your company out of curiosity. Twitter is a great source to get a feel for the candidate’s personality based on seeing what type of accounts they are following and what they Tweet about. 


With 277 million users and 2.1 million groups and growing, LinkedIn is becoming the hot spot to post job opportunities. First things first, create a page for the company that gives a description of what you are all about. Once that is done make a presence by consistently posting articles and job postings. The reason why LinkedIn is a smart place to post a job is because you are able to view the job seekers credentials and resume on their profile. This feature gives you an instant preview on whether or not the candidate is qualified and a good fit based on their information. 

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