Two weeks ago it didn’t sound like Sochi was going to be ready for the Olympics. But with the games starting tomorrow, they’ve certainly proved us all wrong. Although it’s quite an accomplishment to get the entire Olympic Village built in a relatively short period of time, it’s not like the buildings and such had to be built for longevity. Now if you’re a regular reader of The Hirelogy Blog, you know exactly where this is headed. If not, here we go…

Putting off your hiring process until the last minute is one of the worst decisions you can make. In doing so, you’re limiting yourself to a small candidate pool, and no one likes having to deal with silm pickings. So do yourself a favor and plan ahead.

What else can you do to ensure you don’t find yourself stuck with an unqualified new hire? Funny you ask, we’ve got just the answer. To learn the best practices when it comes to writing job descriptions, promoting your open jobs, and interviewing, download “Hiring Your Medal-Winning Team” by clicking below.


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