There’s not one right way to go about hiring. Of course some practices are better than others, but there’s no right way to hire. That being said, many people go about hiring using the “guess and check” method. In other words, they try a technique, cross their fingers and hope it works. Many times, this method results in hiring managers having to go back to square one and start the “guess and check” process all over again.

Rather than take to Google and hope you come across some “professional” hiring suggestions, take a look at our latest eBook, “51 Ways to Build a Great Team.” It covers the whole process – from recruiting to retention. 

Here’s a look at the information included in the guide:

  • Writing the job description
  • Various recruiting practices
  • Interviewing suggestions
  • Tips on verifiying candidates
  • Culture building activities 
  • Retention practices 

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