Your employees are the face of your brand. They’re the ones working with customers/clients on a daily basis, the ones wearing your logo on their shirts, and the ones who ultimately hold the ability to propel your brand forward, or to drive it into the ground. When it comes down to it, your employees are the most critical component of your business, so why are you hiring just anyone?

Here are two tips to help you hire the best field employees:

Build an effective job description

23489111_sJob seekers know what they want in a role and what they want from the employer. They don’t want to spend time applying to a job and interviewing only to find out the role isn’t what they envisioned. So think of your job description as an opportunity to attract some candidates and deter others.List out the responsibilities and requirements, explain why the role is integral to your company, and give a short blurb about your company history/culture. The candidates attracted to this type of job description tend to be more qualified than those who apply for generic, non-descriptive positions.

Understand the best locations to source candidates

Attracting candidates to your open role isn’t always easy. Sometimes it feels like no one is applying, but sometimes it feels like every single job seeker has applied. So before you begin advertising your open job, do some research into the sites you want to post to.

When hiring field employees, we recommend posting to a large job board like Indeed or SimplyHired. Because both of these sites reach a large audience of job seekers, it’s a good starting place. Then narrow it down to niche job boards. While these sites tend to reach a smaller audience, their viewers tend to be more qualified. Additionally, we suggest reaching out to local colleges and technical schools. Especially when hiring for technicians, local schools can be one of the best tools to source candidates through. 

For more tips on hiring field employees, check out our guide below: 

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