As all franchisees know, hiring isn’t easy. Especially when you are competing for talent with other franchise locations and you don’t have extra time to spend on your hiring process. Here at Hireology we have dozens of franchise customers who complain about their struggle with hiring and we always tell them the same thing: Suck it up! No, just kidding. We actually give them these three tips below.

Get rid of your resume collecting email address

If you think that collecting resumes and applications through an email inbox is pretty high tech, than you must have been using manila folders to store them before. Or maybe you still ride a horse to work? Assuming you don’t do either, collecting resumes and applications via email is out-dated and unorganized.

Instead delete that email address and invest in a web-based platform that will keep all of your candidates organized and available to you from any computer. Thinking about a resume tracker? You might change your mind after you read our blog.

Develop an Interview Guide

You know what you’re looking for, now go and get it. It’s as simple as this: You want a self-motivated employee? Include a question on your interview guide that asks “tell me about a time you had to be self motivated,” and gauge their answer. Are you also looking for someone with prior experience with customer service? Ask about their customer service experience in their last 3 positions.

Using the same interview guide with every candidate will increase your chances of finding the right person for your franchise.

Verify, Verify, Verify!

Background checks are your best friend. Especially when you own a franchise location. You have invested thousands of dollars in a business, why throw it away with employee fraud or turnover? Verifying every candidate who you decide to hire is the best way to avoid turnover and theft!

A typical organization loses 5% of its annual revenue to employee fraud, think that’s crazy? Not as crazy as the average price of a background check which is around $20… Which would you choose?

Need more franchise hiring help? Hireology to the rescue! Download our free guide to attracting top talent to your franchise. It includes interview guides, helpfultips, and outlines for a successful hiring process!


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