It’s that time of year again. The holidays are quickly approaching, and whether you own a business or are staffing your store for the busy season, it’s clear that the talent pool isn’t as abundant as it usually is. Here’s why…

Hiring for the holidays is up 39% in retail as well as in industries such as: IT, hospitality, and financial services. The problem? Less candidates to go around, which means companies will be struggling to find the right person in a small amount of applicants.

This short guide lays out 10 ways to hunt down the applicants. A little help can make the difference between 5 candidates and 50 candidates. Get started below. 

This guide includes:

  • 10 ways to source candidates
  • Tips on where to source during the holidays
  • Where applicants search for jobs

The guide is iPad, iPhone, computer, and tablet friendly.

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