When someone makes the decision to hire a caregiver, they want to know that the person entering the home of their loved one is compassionate, willing, and most importantly, qualified. By opting to use the services offered by your company, they are expecting you to handle every aspect of the process – from assigning the perfect caregiver(s) to covering liability insurance. 

However, as you very well know, hiring qualified caregivers can be quite the challenge. As if sourcing candidates wasn’t hard enough, the whole interviewing and reference checking process can seem never-ending. I’m going to go out on a limb here, but I’m assuming you don’t have any hours to spare. So why are you still thumbing through that mountain of applications? 

In our latest eBook, “How to Hire Caregivers,” we break down the steps of hiring in order to help you streamline the process while making the best onboarding decisions. From the traits you should look for in each candidate to the best interview questions, this is the go-to guide for caregiver hiring success. 


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