You asked, and the time has arrived – Hireology users can now post their open jobs to Simply Hired. 

Reaching over 30 million unique job seekers per month, Simply Hired helps hiring managers reach a seemingly endless pool of candidates in just minutes. So rather than dealing with the hiring headache of writing a job description, crossing your fingers, and hoping candidates

apply, Hirelogy’s integration with Simply Hired does it for you. All you have to do, once you’ve opened the job in Hireology, is click “post to a job board,” select Simply Hired, and BAM! – you’re done.


Once you’ve purchased the posting, Simply Hired’s search

and personalization technology connects qualified candidates to the relevant job posting. And before you know it, your Hireology account will be
filling up with resumes of qualified job applicants. So
not only does it help get the word out about your job, but it ultimately cuts down on your hiring costs because you’re not spending week after week wasting your time on a hiring process that doesn’t seem to be working.

We know this sounds almost too good to be true, but it’s not! Just login to your Hirelogy account and see just how budget-friendly posting to Simply Hired really is. Happy hiring!


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