Big news in the Hireology lab today! Small business franchise system: Padgett Business Services recently announced that our  selection management platform will become a Padgett preferred vendor. Hireology will provide selection manager for all Padgett locations as a solution for their hiring process. 

In the above video, Hireology CEO, Adam Robinson sits down with Padgett’s Vice Chairman, Dan Sautner to discuss how Hireology will help Padgett franchise locations solve their hiring problems. During this weekly 5-Minute Friday Episode from Padgett’s HQ, Adam describes the tools available for Padgett’s franchisees and franchise owners while displaying screen shots of the patented technology. Check it out and let us know what you think below!

Adam Robinson is the Chief Hireologist with the brains behind Hireology, a web-based selection management platform that provides customized interviews, job profiling, and one-click background checks to help you hire the right person. Start your free trial at today!

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