Due to technical difficulties, Hireology is unable to share a new episode of Fridays in the Lab (blame the intern!). We know your very disappointed, but don’t worry – our intern is serving out her punishment in solitary confinement. 

So instead, we found seven fantastic TED Talks discussing “big ideas” in hiring. At the very least, the videos in this series inspire you. They include:

  • Wingham Rowan, A New Kind of Job Market
  • Misha Glenny, Hire the Hackers
  • Andrew McAfee, Are Droids Taking our Jobs?
  • Maria van der Heijden, Jobs for 1 Million Women
  • Majora Carter, 3 Stories of Local Eco-Entreprenurship
  • Heiko Fischer, The Future of Work
  • Clay Shirky, Institutions vs. Collaboration

Watch a few or watch them all here.

As always, you can watch each episode of Fridays in the Lab by visiting our blog and searching for “fridays in the lab.” 

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