Creating a good office culture is a critical piece to the puzzle of hiring and retaining star employees. If you ask any millennial, despite their area of expertise, chances are they would say their dream company to work for is Apple or Google. But why? What do these companies have that others don’t?

The answer is simple: A strong work culture.

The younger generation of job seekers aren’t willing to put up with the same working conditions that their parents did years ago. They expect a lot from a company – not just casual Friday, but aspects that make them love going to work each day. We’re not saying millennials are whiny (many of the Hireologists are millennials), they just work best in an environment that is supportive and inspiring.

In this episode of Fridays in the Lab, Hireologist Erin Borgerson shares three tips guaranteed to start you on the path to becoming the next company that everyone wants to work for!

No one wants to work for a company with a lacking company culture. Check out our guide on turning turnover into retention! 


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