Yesterday we held a webinar with an all-star panel of franchise executives. Throughout the discussion, the panelists shared their experiences interviewing and hiring for their franchises. They spoke candidly about recruiting struggles, the importance of hiring for culture fit and general hiring strategies they’ve learned throughout their careers. 

If you weren’t able to tune into the webinar, you can watch/listen to it here. But in the meantime, I’ve highlighted a few key quotes.

When asked “what is your favorite interview question,” this is what the panelists had to say:

“What makes you a great leader?” – Faisal Ghani, Jimmy John’s Multi Unit Owner 

We love this question because it serves two purposes, the obvious being the candidate’s answer. Is it their experience that makes them a great leader? Or perhaps it’s the approach they take to managing their teams. Another reason this is such a good question to ask is because it will give you an idea of the candidate’s personality and work ethic. 

“Tell me what you’ve done in your lifetime that you are most proud of.” – Yuen Yung, CEO of How Do You Roll? 

This is another great question to give you an idea of the candidate’s personality and whether they’ll be a culture fit. Although it’s not a question that the hiring decision can be based off, it will help you better understand the candidate’s answers to other interview questions.  

“If you were stranded at sea, what role would you play in the group?” Michelle Zuniga, HR Compliance & Consultation expert

Is the candidate a leader? Do they have an innovative mindset? By asking a question like this, you’re more likely to get a honest answer than you would by asking, “are you a leader or follower?”. This is because there’s not a right or wrong answer, so the candidate wouldn’t be pressured to say what they think you want to hear. 

“I like to follow-up answers with ‘gee that’s interesting, tell me more’.” Mary Kay Liston, Vice President at Mr. Appliance/The Dwyer Group

The more information you can get from a candidate the better. It will help make your hiring decision easier, and more importantly, make the right hiring decision. 

Of course you can’t base a hiring decision solely off a candidate’s answers to the above questions, but they’re certainly important to ask.  The more insights you can gain regarding their skills, personality and abilities, the more likely you are to be satisfied with your hiring decision.

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