Caution – may be illegal when asked!

Many us start our interviews by asking casual questions to understand our candidates better. Unknowingly, that habit can lead down a slippery slope quickly because that seemingly innocent question may be illegal to ask.

Talk about added pressure, stress, and frustration on an already hectic process! Who wants to add fear to the list of additional categories to think about? Fishman_avoiding_litigation_mini

Here’s your chance to learn more about the advantages of using scripted interview guides. It will help take out some of the guesswork on best practices. 

Or explore more about common illegal questions to avoid in your interview process by downloading our latest eBook: Avoiding Litigation 10 Questions Franchisees Should Never Ask in an Interview

Key Takeaways

  • Discrimination in the franchise hiring process as a monitored topic
  • Questions/topics to be avoided
  • Alternative ways to phrase interview potential illegal questions 

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