April 1st, or as we know it as April Fools Day, is just right around the corner. The worst part of the day is not being able to know whether or not people are telling the truth. Everyday can feel like April Fools Day while in the process of hiring an employee. Many times it’s hard to know whether or not a candidate is fooling you without knowing it, but don’t worry because we know some of the tricks.

Being Fooled by a Resume

Are you mostly attracted to a candidate because of their resume? Don’t be fooled because a resume is nothing more than a marketing document on a candidate. 26532195_s Think of it as watching a hilarious commercial about paper towel then going out and buying it and finding out it is the worst product. The same thing can happen with a candidate and unfortunately both scenarios can cost you money. With this in mind try to see past a resume and don’t be quick to get rid of those that aren’t as appealing. 

Interviews Can Reveal the Truth

There is no better way to get to know someone then by meeting them. This is why interviews are one of the best tools to truly get a feel for who a candidate is. Candidates are on their best behavior during interviews, so if something alarms you chances are they have similar traits in ‘real life.’ After all, the candidate behind the top resume might not be the right person for the job. We don’t enjoy saying, “We told you so!”

Reliable hiring tools can help avoid these issues. By pre-assessing a candidate you can pre-determine if their skills and personality are a good match for the comapny. If they make it to an interview consider using interviewing score cards to keep track of things that were either alarming about a candidate or something that stood out. Scorecards also are a great tool to use to make sure each interview is consistent with the other. 


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