Build Your Automotive Dream Team

Reduce Time-to-Hire by 80%, Investment-per-Hire by 60% and Turnover by 50%

Attract and Hire for Required Technical Roles

An inability to find qualified technicians is adding increased pressure to dealers looking to stay ahead of record-breaking vehicle recalls and telematics troubleshooting. Reach today’s techs and keep your service centers moving customers and driving revenue.

The Tools You Need to Beat Turnover

With 70% turnover, eroding margins and a shrinking talent pool, dealers need to staff up with qualified employees before losing them to the competition. Get a proven process and the resources you need to source, hire and retain top talent for every role at your dealership.

A DMS for Talent Management

From writing product specialist job descriptions to supporting weekly payroll runs and calculating flag time, dealers are managing multiple talent management processes across systems at any one time. Gain centralized control and visibility to drive greater profitability.

100% Hiring & HR Compliance

Staying compliant with ever-changing state and federal regulations can be an expensive, administrative headache. Drive accountability to follow an impactful, legal hiring process with interview guides, verification tools and automated compliance support.

What Do Other Dealerships Think of Hireology?

Dealer Principals. General Managers. HR Professionals.


  • "Dollar for dollar, Hireology is one of the best software investments you can make for your business."

    Michael Dunlap

    Business Development, Schomp Automotive

  • “Hireology knows the automotive business and their professionalism is unmatched. Before I was trying keep track of hundreds of resumes, but their solution makes it so simple to hire the best people.”

    Cathi Trippe, Phil Long Automotive

  • "Hireology helped us look at the entire hiring process. We now interact with potential candidates consistently, more professionally and much more quickly, allowing us to place them in a position that best fits their strengths and abilities regardless of the position applied for."

    Greg Jensen, Kocourek Automotive

  • "Before Hireology, I managed recruiting myself over email. I like the centralized setup, having everything in one place."

    Khan Ongunel

    Service Manager, Carter GM North Shore

  • "Hireology puts it all at your fingertips. I’m looking forward to running faster reference checks and background screenings."

    Shaun Graham, General Manager, Avondale Mazda

  • The ability to find, recruit, hire and manage the hiring process has been amazing. The staff we've hired using Hireology has been great!

    Steven Pollack, Janderson Ford