It was just last July when we celebrated our 500th customer milestone, and here we are again – this time 1000_customers_design_3-3celebrating 1,000. To say we’re excited would be an understatement. In these seven short months Hireology has moved offices, partnered with some of the largest franchise systems, and implemented some of the most benefical hiring tools like Caliper and countless job boards. 

We’ve also won some incredible awards too since our 500th customer. Brill Street ranked Hireology #22 on their annual list of the Top 50 Chicago Gen Y Employers. And HRO Today named Hireology the #1 Talent Management Platform on their annual Baker’s Dozen: Talent Management Technology list. Pretty huge, if we do say so ourselves.

It will be exciting to see where we are in another seven months, and we can’t wait to continue to achieve these milestones with you, our customers, partners, friends, family, and investors paving the way. So here’s to 1,000! 

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