Our team has been hard at work making improvements across the Hireology platform.
Here are some of our latest updates:

Hireology Sports A New Summer Look

You may have noticed a new, clean design on many of our pages within the Hireology app. We’ve streamlined many of our buttons and links so you can focus on taking the next action with fewer distractions.

Craigslist Zip Code Support

To better comply with updated Craisglist requirements, you can now input your zip code when posting a job to Craigslist, to ensure you’re reaching relevant, local applicants.

Refined Candidate Visibility At Other Locations

If you’re part of a network of locations, you’ve probably experienced situations when applicants apply to several jobs at multiple sites. To avoid confusion between hiring managers, we added additional information to the list of jobs the applicant is being considered for. This will give your team context around where the candidate is in the hiring process for each job.

Better Compliance With Candidate History Disposition Codes

We’ve added the ability to see disposition codes in the candidate history page, so you can quickly review why a candidate wasn’t a good fit for your team. This should help answer compliance questions for organizations required to report the specific reason a candidate was rejected for a role.

Stronger Password Security

If you decide to reset your password, you may notice we now require a few additional password elements to keep your account secure. This update will not force users who wish to keep their current passwords to update immediately, but it might be a great time to make sure you’re using a strong, unique password to keep your Hireology data safe. Reset your password at any time by logging in and clicking your name, picking “My Info” and selecting “Edit your personal information.”

Stay Tuned

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