Asking for references, tracking them down, and trying to get information from them about a candidate could make anyone want to pull their hair out. Unfortunately, it’s an essential task that needs to be done when hiring. The good news is you no longer have to stress out about reference checks because our ebook makes doing reference checks a lot easier. 

Our useful ebook makes reference checks as easy as riding a bike. It breaks down the reference check process step by step from requesting references to performing them.12406507_s The guide also touches on the dos and don’ts of performing references, which is a good way tool to use to double-check how you are doing reference checks. 

Key points:

  • How to request a candidate’s references
  • Creating a reference check guide
  • Instructions of how to conduct a reference check 
  • What technology you should use

Next time you need to do a reference check on candidates instead of stressing out use this ebook as your guide. With these tips and tools you will be able to do reference checks in your sleep.

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