With over 30,000 franchise jobs added in December, franchise hiring started off 2014 on the right foot. And now over a month in, we’re still seeing strong figures. This is great news, but the question is, of these new positions being filled, how many people will be with the same company one year from now? Turnover is a huge problem, not just for franchise systems, but for all companies. So how are you supposed to combat it? 

The best answer: Invest in your hiring process. The more you invest in your hiring process – in terms of sourcing, interviewing, and verification services, the more likely you are to make a well thought out, qualified hiring decision. Of course this doesn’t safeguard you against any potential turnover, but it can help reduce the likelihood for it.

Writing the job description 

Think of this as a sales pitch of sorts. You’re trying to encourage job seekers to apply to your open position, and the job description is your chance to do it. We suggest including the following:

  • Two to three sentences describing the company (get creative – grab their attention!)
  • List of responsibilities
  • List of qualifications; mandatory and/or desired skills
  • Two to three sentences describing what it’s like to work for the company
  • Job location, hours, etc…

Promoting the job

Arguably one of the easiest aspects of the hiring process, promoting your open job is still extremely important. Why? Because this is how you’re going to gain the attention of job seekers and hopefully get them to apply to your open job.

There’s a few routes you can take – social media, job boards, and employee referrals. We recommend trying them all.


How should you approach the interview process? What questions should you ask? Download “Hiring For Your Franchise Location” to find out.


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