When a new hire takes part in a structured onboarding process, they are 66% more likely to remain with a company for 3+ years.

At Hireology, we think onboarding is the best way to setup your new hire for success and have five best practices in mind to make each employee’s first day on the job special. Treat Onboarding as the steps needed to get employees everything they need to be excited to join your team.

A Preview of Hireology Onboarding

We recently showcased five best practices as well as a brief demo of our Onboarding product. Click below to access the video and get a free 1:1 demo of Onboarding to see how it can improve your new hire process at your organization.

In this video we’ll walk through:

  • How Onboarding will help your franchise lower turnover
  • The five best onboarding practices you can implement today
  • A preview of Hireology’s onboarding solution



Looking for a step-by-step guide for franchise onboarding? Get our complimentary onboarding playbook. 

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